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• Competitively priced
• Online and live class offerings
• Courses taught in a relaxed, stress free environment
• Flexible class schedules
• Conveniently located in Riverside off the 91 fwy at Arlington/Indiana

Online Classes

American Heart Association e-Learning

Classes for the busy professional

The AHA has designed an online self paced learning program. These courses are designed for people who do not have the time to come in and take a class. These courses are self paced, and can be completed at your convenience.

These courses are broken up into three sections:

  1. Module 1- Module (1) is taken online at the student’s convenience. This is a self paced web based course. Once completed with module (1) you will be given a certificate.
  2. Module 2 and 3- Requires the student to come into our location to meet with a certified AHA instructor. When the student comes in, they will be given a practice skills test and a final skills test to get their card. (The skills test will take about 1 hour)
  3. Upon completion of all Modules student will have completed the training and receive their card.



  • The online module allows the student to choose when and where they want to complete the training.
  • It can be completed at your pace.
  • The skills and practice session is quick and to the point
  • You will not need to purchase a student manual, therefore the overall cost is identical to the traditional classroom instruction.
  • You get the same card as if you would have come in for the 3-4 hour live class.


Possible Disadvantages:

  • Less time with the equipment and manikins.
  • The AHA charges a small fee for the eLearning program (although not having to purchase a student manual nearly offsets the cost).


How to enroll in eLearning

  1. Go to AHA’s eLearning course catalog and select the appropriate online course that you would like to take. CLICK HERE to be taken to the list of classes.
  2. Next, find the appropriate skills session that would be the best day for you. Select a date that we offer skills testing then register and pay online.
  3. Important: When you come in for your skills testing, please bring your AHA course completion certificate.


CLICK HERE for more information about the AHA e-Learning website